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How would it feel to be out of range of your cell phone? Could you see yourself unable to log in to the Internet? Can you imagine being unable to hear another voice when you need it the most?

Staying in touch is a vital part of modern life. While this might not be a problem on a New York or London street, being able to make a phone call or log on to the Internet while cruising in the middle of the ocean, or while trekking across the desert, can pose challenges.

WINS overcomes this by offering complete communications solutions to passenger ferries, cruise ships, cargo vessels, offshore platforms, private and commercial aircraft, as well as remote areas that lack regular terrestrial network coverage.

Our services enable users to make and receive mobile calls and text messages in exactly the same way as they would when connected to a regular mobile network - No additional hardware or software is required to make use of our services, making it ideal for employees and holidaymakers. In addition, high speed data services can be delivered through the use of WiFi hotspots, while low-cost VoIP phone services are also available.

To deploy effective communication solutions to remote areas WINS has partnered with Eutelsat S.A, which is one of the largest satellite operators in the world and which manages a fleet of 28 satellites.

Take a look at the services we can offer, and let WINS services make communication simple for you, wherever you need it.

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